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  1. Anzac Voices
    Various Artists, Frank Parker, Alan Thwaites, Tom Usher, Jack Nicholson, Bert Billings, William Tope, Basil Holmes, Neville Richard, Dick Gardiner, Fred Mouritz, Ormond Metcher, Sarah Calderwood, Allan Thwaites, Harry Benson, Stan Watson, J.M. Grant, Charles Fortescue, H.V. Howe, Charles Hyde, C.E.W. Bean, Ethel Wilkinson, Charles Forestcue, Charlie Nurse, Rustu Erdelhun, E.A. Lloyd, Jack Tarant
  2. Magic Of The Violin
    André Rieu
  3. Swoon: The Ultimate Collection
    Various Artists
  4. The Classic 100: Piano – The Top Ten & Selected Highlights
    Various Artists
  5. In a Time Lapse
    Ludovico Einaudi