Spotify on Sinfini

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What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers you free and premium, legal access to a huge library of music. It contains millions of tracks, and you'll quickly find it's easy to discover and share music.

That's why here at Sinfini we're hooked on the service. Plus it will enable you to hear some of the best classical recordings out there. Not all classical recordings are on Spotify, however we feel that once you listen to the music on this service you'll be confident to explore further and discover other great classical gems. 

Getting started is simple

Head over to the Spotify Overview page to find out about the free and premium accounts. Create an account by choosing a username and password. Download and install Spotify on either Windows or Mac.

Spotify on Sinfini

Once you've installed Spotify we'll do the rest by guiding you through the vast classical catalogue. Every time you see the green logo it means you can hear the music through your Spotify account.

We've also created several playlists for you. Head to our listen section and you'll find several composer and artist playlists that we've compiled.

Can't log on?

Sadly Spotify isn't available in every country. This will hopefully change but if you're having trouble logging into the service then you can see details of the territories it's available in here. For all other log in issues head to the Spotify Help page.