Sinfini Spotlight The Maestro

Comic illustration of the conductor

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They are the highest-paid and most influential musicians in the world, yet they never sing or play a note. We go behind the scenes to demystify the art of the conductor. Welcome to Sinfini Music’s conductor focus.


  • What exactly does a conductor do?
    Herbert von Karajan
    They are the highest-paid and most influential musicians in the classical world, yet they never sing or play a note. So what is a conductor actually for? Sinfini Music finds out in this behind-the-scenes film at the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, where the members of the orchestra and their...
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  • Top 20 Great Conductors
    Conductor heads from 20 top conductors
    What defines a great conductor? It can be one or more of several things – huge charisma; sophisticated musicianship; bomb-proof physical stamina and across-the-board technical skill. But the conductor’s central skill is to transform the collective artistry of a hundred or more talented musicians by a...
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  • Sinfini Music podcast Marin Alsop
    Marin Alsop holding a baton facing the camera
    Marin Alsop is chief conductor of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra where she is in charge of artistic and creative programming, recording and outreach activities.
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  • Listening Diary Herbert von Karajan
    His complete 1960's recordings
    Philip Clark is proud owner of a copy of the magnificent, 82-CD box set 'Karajan: The Complete 1960s Orchestral Recordings' from Deutsche Grammophon. Over four installments, he shares with us his listening diary and his top selections from Karajan's greatest orchestral recordings.
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  • Interview Remembering Georg Solti
    Close up of Sir Georg Solti conducting
    Jessica Duchen looks back at the life of a great conductor and musical personality. Watch the full interview with Lady Solti at the bottom of Jessica's article.
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  • The Big Listen Solti's legendary 'Ring' cycle
    Cover artwork for The Ring Boxset
    To commemorate the centenary of Georg Solti’s birth, Decca is re-releasing his most famous recording – the complete Wagner 'Ring' cycle, voted the greatest recording of all time. Warwick Thompson gets to grips with this luxurious, limited issue.
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