Sinfini Session Avi Avital

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to have the virtuosic mandolin player Avi Avital perform at our live Sinfini Café session. He played a fantastic duet with the accordionist Martynas and it made us want to hear more. So we cleared a space in one of our meeting rooms and asked Avi to perform for us once again. Off the cuff, he did an incredible performance of the Prelude from JS Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 on the mandola. The sounds he produces have such depth and variety of colour yet he makes it look effortless. He lets us into some of the secrets of his technique and the challenges of both the mandolin and the mandola, in our Deconstructed video.

Avi has a new album out in January 2014 which promises to take the mandolin beyond its classical roots and into the realms of folk and bluegrass.

Go behind the scenes with Avi as he prepares to make his Carnegie Hall debut, with a performance on January 17, 2014.